English Department

The English Department is one of the largest departments at our school. Our daily work is now determined by the curricula for Sekundarstufe I and Sekundarstufe II, which place greater emphasis on communicative skills.

But learning English involves more than exercises in the classroom!

Exchange programmes

We currently have two exchange programmes:

  • with Whitgift School in South Croydon, England, for students in year 9.

  • with Martin County, North Carolina, USA, for students in year 10.


English Theatre

Our students have the opportunity to watch British and Irish actors on stage. We have hosted performances by the Wilde Shamrock Touring Theatre and the White Horse Theatre Company for students of different ages, who pay approximately €5 admission.

English Cinema

Thanks to our collaboration with Cinema Salzgitter-Bad our senior students have the opportunity to watch films in English. These aim to provide a mixture of entertainment and insight into life in the English-speaking world and have included Harry Potter, Angela's Ashes, In America, Rendition,Michael Collins and Rabbitproof Fence.

Cambridge certificates

With more and more universities and employers demanding proof of language skills beyond school qualifications, some of our students have studied for Cambridge language certificates, in particular the First Certificate in English (Level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages, or CEF) and the Certificate in Advanced English (Level C1 of the CEF).

The School Library

The first stop for information on staying abroad and for “English” bookworms!

For anyone who is interested in spending a year abroad as an au pair or exchange student, for example, the school library has brochures on display to provide information on organisations and companies that offer programmes in this area.

The library also has a large selection of novels and stories in English for readers at all levels!